city at night

city at night

Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Back to Jamaica

I'm not talking about the Caribbean island, but the Jamaica Market, which I have written about numerous times on this blog.

On Saturday, after we returned from the Christmas Festival, Alejandro's sister Sandra said that she wanted to buy a poinsettia for the house.  She asked whether we should go to the Poinsettia Fair going on along the Paseo de la Reforma or to Jamaica Market with its enormous selection of flowers.  That Saturday, the Liverpool Department Store was having its Christmas Parade along the Paseo de la Reforma, so the boulevard was going to be jammed with people, even after the parade was over.  We decided to go to Jamaica.  That was fine with me.  Even though I had just made a couple of trips there to buy things for my Nativity scene, I always enjoy going to that market.

Alejandro drove, and, as usual, traffic was chaotic.  He parked the car on a side street a couple blocks away from the market, and we walked the rest of the way.  

Alejandro, Ezra and Sandra led the way as we entered the cavernous market building.

 A myriad of piñatas hung from the ceiling of the building.

Yes, I know that I showed you photos of the piñatas at the Jamaica Market just last week, but they are so colorful I can't resist posting more!

A turkey piñata amidst a herd of burros

Planters with decorated evergreens and miniature Nativity scenes

Christmas wreaths

Stalls selling wooden stables and piles of moss

Live Christmas trees, piñatas, and moss

And of course, since Jamaica is the city's major flower market, there were poinsettias galore.

Alejandro took us to some nearby shops beyond the main market building which I had never visited before.  There was even a mall of floral shops.

Sandra never bought a poinsettia.  She thought the prices were too high.  After roaming all over the market and surrounding shops, we decided to have something to eat.  There is a restaurant stall within the market building where I have eaten a number of times.  In fact, I have taken some of my visitors there when we visit Jamaica.  The place is called "Carnitas Paty", and the menu consists of "tacos de carnitas" (braised pork) and "tepache" (a beverage made of very slightly fermented pineapple).  I think the tacos there are very good, and I really like "tepache".  Alejandro, Sandra and Ezra had never been there before, so I was interested to get their opinion.  They all agreed that the tacos and "tepache" were excellent.

So, even though we didn't purchase any flowers, we ate very well.


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