Oaxaca mural

Oaxaca mural

Sunday, August 25, 2019

The High Temple of Pastries

In between visiting all those churches on Thursday, I took a break to indulge in one of the great passions of the Viennese... pastries!  On Kohlmarkt, Vienna's most elegant shopping street, and just steps away from the Hofburg Palace, you will find Demel, the city's finest chocolatier and pastry shop.

According to the sign, this dessert-lover's paradise was founded in 1786.  Also on the sign are the initials "K.U.K." which stands for "König und Kaiser"... King and Emperor.  This establishment made chocolates and sweets for the Hapsburg royal family.  

When you step inside you will see showcases filled with the most elegant and decadent desserts imaginable.

Head farther back into the shop and you will see cakes being made.

Although the sidewalk café and the ground floor tables were full, there was plenty of room upstairs.

My waiter was very formal but pleasant and smiling, and he led me to the dessert buffet to make a selection.  I ordered a slice of Esterhazy torte... buttercream between layers of almond macaroon, iced with fondant and decorated with stripes of chocolate.

Oh, my gosh!  It was absolute heaven!


  1. :drool:

    I have no words except *I want one of everything!*

    1. I want to get back there again before I leave Vienna... and this time I will order more than one pastry.