Oaxaca mural

Oaxaca mural

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Lenzburg at Night

Early Saturday evening I went out from the hotel to take a stroll through the "Old Town" and perhaps have a bite to eat.  As I reached the main street of the old heart of Lenzburg, I realized that a festival was going on.

According to the signs the festival was called the "Gaukler & Kleinkunstfestival".  (German speaking people love long words!)  I had to translate that on Google Translate when I got back to my computer.  It means "Juggler and Cabaret Festival".

There were several stages set up throughout the "Old Town", and a variety of entertainers were performing.  The first stage that I came to was set up in front of the "Rathaus", the City Hall.

The act that was in progress was called, if I remember correctly, "Bubble Circus".  The two performers were from Italy and Argentina.  The lighting was not very good, but these photos and videos should give you an idea of the amazing things that they did with bubbles...

Later I saw some more acts as the evening progressed.  There were a couple of mimes who were very boring.  The jugglers in the video below were also tedious, until they really got down to juggling.

The streets were lined with food stands selling everything from Indian curry to cotton candy.

Instead of patronizing the food stands, however, I went into a restaurant that is known for its "Flammkuchen", the pizza-like dish that cousin Brigitta and I had made at her home.

The "Flammkuchen" that I ordered was good, but not as good as what Brigitta and I had made.

As I walked back to the hotel, there was a view of Lenzburg Castle illuminated on the hill above the city.


  1. I wish I had felt well enough to mingle in this local event. I slept 13 hours again last night after our ordeal getting home. Essentially, we got up at midnight Sunday if on OH time in Zurich and finally arrived at home Monday night at 8PM. I hope you'll have a good time as you make your way to Vienna.

    1. Just sent you and others an email letting you know that I am in my hotel in Vienna.
      Hope your cold is getting better. Rest up!