Sunday, May 19, 2019

Van Gogh in Mexico

Along pedestrianized Madero Street in the historic heart of Mexico City there are lots of street performers.  Last Sunday while Alejandro and I were walking down the street, I noticed one that I had not seen before.   A fellow was made up as a painted portrait of Vincent Van Gogh.  He stood within a frame, and the backdrop was based on the artist's famous painting "The Starry Night".

I put a coin in the basket to take a picture of him.  I should have known that there would be more to his act than simply posing.

He proceeded to take out a sheet of paper and do a stick figure caricature of me.

(photo taken by Alejandro)

(photo taken by Alejandro)

So now I can say that I have an original "Van Gogh"!


  1. Ta da. Maybe some day it will be worth something!

    1. Oh no! I threw it out. Did I toss a priceless masterpiece? ha ha