Oaxaca mural

Oaxaca mural

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Half Way Home

I am writing this at Houston airport while I wait for my flight to Cleveland.

Yesterday the heat in Mexico City continued as well as the forest fires and brush fires.  The air had a strange quality to it... different from the city's usual air pollution.  The city outlawed any firecrackers or fireworks due to the danger of more fires, and yet last night there were plenty of firecrackers going off in observance of some religious feast day.  "What idiots!" Alejandro complained.

This morning when my 7:00 A.M. flight departed from Mexico City the air was extremely hazy.  I don't think that it was morning mist, but smoke from the fires.

My flight went smoothly.  We arrived a half hour early to Houston.  From the time that I got off the plane, to the time I went through customs could not have been more than fifteen minutes.  There was no line at all at immigration, I didn't have any checked luggage to pick up, and I walked through customs with no questions asked.

Later today I will be home where the high today will be a refreshing 62 degrees.


  1. Glad you had a smooth flight. I thought about you when I read the air quality in CDMX had only been good something like 11 days since the first of January. Not good!

    1. Yes, the air quality was not good. Of course the dry season is always the smoggiest time of year, but then at the end, the forest fires made things worse. Any fires in the San Miguel area?