Cascade Park

Cascade Park

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Concert in the Park

Last Saturday... my last weekend in Mexico City... Alejandro and I took the Metrobus and the subway to a city park that I had not seen before, "Parque de los Venados" (Park of the Deer).

The place gets its name from a couple of statues that grace the park.

There is also a large monument to Revolution hero Pancho Villa.

It is a very pleasant park, and on a Saturday afternoon there were a lot of families there.  

There were a lot of vendors...

… and a lot of activities for the children.

Toy cars to rent

Art activities

A very nice playground

There was even a section of kiddie rides.

As pleasant as the park is, there was another reason why we came here.  That afternoon there was a charity concert organized by various organizations of exiled Venezuelans.  They were raising money to feed malnourished children in that beleaguered nation.

There were volunteers collecting money.

Alejandro and I both made donations and received stickers to wear on our chest and ribbons for our wrist.

The concert was held on the stage of a pavilion in the park. 

The musical groups were mostly comprised of Venezuelans living in Mexico.

Probably about half of the audience was made up of Venezuelan exiles.  I was probably the only "gringo" in the crowd.  The concert lasted from 2:00 until 9:00 in the evening.  Obviously we did not stay for the entire event.  We listened to a couple acts, then strolled again through the park, and then returned to the apartment.


  1. I used to live less than 15 minutes by foot from Parque de los Venados, and went here often. I've even ridden the carnival rides in the middle! Safe until late into the night, it's a lovely place, and on weekends can be downright crowded with children, miniature trains, and balloon vendors.

    Your post made me smile. I hope you are well. Sounds like you had another nice trip.

  2. BTW I made the reply above, not sure why it flagged me as "unknown." :)

    1. Hi Scott,
      Yes, I was quite impressed with Parque de los Venados. In the "colonia" of Nápoles" where I stay, there is a very similar park, although smaller and without the carnival rides.