Cascade Park

Cascade Park

Monday, May 27, 2019

Travel Planning

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This travel-crazy retired teacher is actually spending three months at home.  My next trip will not be until August when I fly to... not Mexico, but Europe.  Yesterday, my cousin Gail and her husband Wes invited me to their home for dinner.  We did some trip planning together since they will be with me for a portion of my European trip.  I have written previously that they are taking a guided tour of Switzerland.  Their tour ends in Zurich, and they are staying for a few extra days.  I am going to meet them there, introduce them to some of the Swiss cousins, and take them to the town where Gail's great grandfather and my great grandmother were born.

I decided to splurge and do something that I have always wanted to do.  I am flying to Switzerland in business class!  I will be on Swiss International Airlines.  Their business class features seats that convert into a flat bed.  Supper consists of several courses, each course with a wine pairing.  I have never been able to sleep on an airplane, but perhaps, between the flat bed and the wine, I will get some sleep on this flight.

My cousin Brigitta and her husband Peter will meet me at the airport, and I will stay at their home.  Gail and Wes have reserved a hotel nearby.  Brigitta originally planned to have a big party... a get-together of the cousins... while we were there.  However there has been a change of plans.  That weekend Brigitta and Peter will be away attending Peter's family reunion.  But Brigitta's brother Werner, who lives in Madrid, is coming up to Switzerland, and he will take us under his wing... driving us to our ancestral village, and most likely taking us to visit some of the other cousins. 

After Gail and Wes fly home to Ohio, I am going to continue by train to Vienna, Austria, and then Munich, Germany.  I bought Rick Steve's guidebooks for both of those cities, and I have been studying them and planning which sights I want to see.  After a long hiatus, I have also returned to studying German on Duolingo.  Ich spreche Deutsch ein Wenig! 

Yesterday Gail and I were also discussing another trip coming up this autumn.  I will return to Mexico City for my usual visit in October / November.  Gail, along with one of her college friends, will come down in November for a week's stay.   They have already made their plane and hotel reservations.  They will stay at they same hotel where my friends Cliff and Jeramie stayed last month... just a one minute walk from the condo that I rent.  So, once again, I will get to play "tour guide" in Mexico City.  


  1. Business class? I'm insanely jealous. Although I'm not sure I'd want to sleep, flat bed or no flat bed. You need to stay awake to ensure you get the best value out of your ticket, surely...!

    Mrs P and I are travel planning for 202. Mexico is a must, in June. For particular reasons...

    1. Hi Gary,
      If I can get comfortable and get a few hours of sleep that would be a big improvement over staring bleary-eyed at the screen in front of me all night!
      Back to Mexico City in June? Unfortunately we wouldn't have the chance to meet up, since I am usually back home in June to work on the garden