Cascade Park

Cascade Park

Monday, August 22, 2016

On to Oslo

Yesterday I left Bergen at noon, and took the train to Norway's capital, Oslo, for the final portion of my journey.  It is a long train ride... seven hours... but the scenery is quite impressive.
However,for a number of reasons, I did not take that many photos.

1.  The weather was mostly cloudy. 
2.  The train constantly passes through tunnels and, on the high plateau, snow sheds that make photography frustrating.  Just as I am about to snap a picture, we enter a tunnel.
3.  Some of the best scenery was best seen from the other side of the train.  (If you ever take the train from Bergen to Oslo, book a ticket for the right side of the train.)
4.  Perhaps most importantly, I think that after nearly three weeks in Switzerland and Norway, I am suffering from "scenery overload".  I'm just not as inclined to pull out my camera to take a picture.

But here are a few photos from the train ride...

 The train climbs in elevation and passes through a treeless, tundra-like plateau.

We then descend back to the pine forests and farmland heading toward Oslo.

Finally in early evening, I arrived in Oslo

Now it is time for me to begin my exploration of Norway's capital and biggest city.


  1. I hope you enjoy Oslo. It is the most expensive city I have ever visited, but I loved its modern harbor Aker Byrggen (sp?), its castle, and its mile-long pedestrian mall.

    1. Did a lot of exploring of the city today, and, yes, I am enjoying Oslo very much!