Thursday, April 25, 2024

Poster Pollution

The elections in Mexico are a little over a month away.  I wrote in an earlier blog entry about the political signs posted everywhere, but, since my return from Ohio, the number of signs, banners and posters has proliferated to the point of ridiculousness.  This is especially evident in Alejandro's part of town.  It is not as if his borough is a hotly contested district; the area is overwhelmingly in favor of the ruling, populist party Morena.  But Morena obviously has money to burn with advertising overkill.

 On every utility pole there are multiple posters, one on top of another.  It just looks trashy.


Janecarlo Lozano is running for the mayor of the borough where Alejandro lives.  He goes by his unusual first name which is pronounced ha-nay-car-lo, but we jokingly Anglicize his name and call him Jane Carlo.

Someone obviously does not like Yuriri Ayala, Morena candidate for local deputy.


The sad thing is that no one removes these posters after the election.  For months and months the neighborhood will be blighted with poster pollution.


  1. Luckily they are only allowed to campaign for 90 days and all posters etc will disappear the first part of June when the election is over. Much better then this four year mess in the USA!

    1. Maybe the posters are cleared away quicklly in San Miguel de Allende, but in Mexico City the posters will be there for months after the election. There is supposedly a fine for not removing the posters, but it is not enforced.