Monday, April 1, 2024

April's Here

Today I turn the page on my calendar, and the piece of art that is featured for this month is a work by Gerardo Murillo (1875 - 1964), a painter and writer who went by the name of "Dr. Atl".

"Dr. Atl" was also an amateur vulcanologist, and he was obsessed with painting volcanoes.  Readers of this blog are familiar with Popocatépetl, the active volcano located 43 miles to the southeast of Mexico City.  "Dr. Atl" painted numerous pictures of "Popo", but what really captured his attention was the volcano Paricutín, which emerged from a cornfield in 1943 and grew to cone towering more than 1000 feet above the surrounding landscape.  The painter observed the volcano at close range and suffered injuries during its eruption which led to the amputation of one of his legs.  

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