Tuesday, April 16, 2024

At the Art Museum

On Sunday, Katie and Olivier took me to the Cleveland Museum of Art where we saw a special exhibition called "Africa and Byzantium".

The exhibit shows the artistic connection between the Byzantine Empire and northern and eastern Africa, including the black, Christian kingdoms of Nubia and Ethiopia.

Here are a few of the items on display...

Diptych of the 12 Apostles and St. Paul
Empire of Ethiopia, late 1600's

Mosaic portrait known as "Lady of Carthage"
Tunisia, 4th or 5th century

Gold coin necklace
Egypt, 6th century

Terra cotta pottery
Tunisia, 4th century

Funerary sculpture
Egypt, 4th century

Mosaic of a lion attacking a wild ass
Tunisia, 3rd century

Gospel illustration of the journey of the Magi
Empire of Ethiopia, 16th century

Tapestry of the Virgin and Child
Egypt, 4th century

Wood and ivory bridal chest
Kingdom of Nubia, 300s - 500s

Empire of Ethiopia, 15th century

Mosaic palm tree
Tunisia, 6th century

Wall painting of a Nubian bishop protected by St. Peter
Kingdom of Nubia, 10th century

Triptych with the Virgin and Child
Empire of Ethiopia, 17th century

Miniature diptych used as a pendant
Empire of Ethiopia, 18th century


  1. Westerners are woefully ignorant of the beautiful art produced by ancient African cultures.

    1. It was a very interesting exhibit. You should go see it.