Saturday, April 13, 2024

International Dining

This trip to Ohio was not only an opportunity to see the eclipse, but also to visit friends up here.  It has definitely not been a trip conducive to dieting because practically every day I have been going out to eat.  The restaurants have represented a variety of international cuisines.

After spending several days with Duffy and Carlos, I went on to visit my friends Cliff and Jeramie.  During the time that I spent with them, we went out to "Das Schnitzel Haus"... obviously a restaurant that specializes in German food.  It is one of their favorite places, and I like it also.  The food is good, and the portions are very generous.  I always leave the restaurant with a full tummy.

Cliff (left) and his husband Jeramie

I joined my cousin Gail and her husband Wes for dinner at "Barroco", a restaurant which specializes in "arepas", a typical food of Colombia and Venezuela.  An "arepa" is a patty made of corn flour with a stuffing.  I had an "arepa" filled with "ropa vieja", a shredded beef dish. It was very tasty, especially with the sauces that they have on the table.  I like the spicy peanut sauce best of all.

Yesterday, I got together with my friends Nancy and Fred.  We usually go to a Mexican restaurant called "Dos Coronas" which is not far from their house.  Most Mexican restaurants up here are not that authentic... more Tex-Mex than genuine Mexican.  However, "Dos Coronas" has an excellent Aztec soup, and their "carnitas" (pieces of braised pork) have an authentic flavor.  Their portions are enormous. I made the mistake of ordering a bowl of soup instead of a cup (the soup is thick with chicken and avocados) in addition to "carnitas".  I was not able to finish everything, which is unusual for me.

I am now staying at the home of my friend and former colleague, Katie.  The international tour of food will continue because we are going to a Japanese steak house tonight.

Lots of good food, but even more importantly, the good company of dear friends! 


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