Tuesday, April 23, 2024


On Saturday, Alejandro and I were walking through the "tianguis" (outdoor market) in his neighborhood.  He was trying to decide what he should fix for dinner for the family that day, and he asked me if I would like "pambazos".  Several years ago I wrote about those tasty sandwiches, and Alejandro didn't have to twist my arm for me to say "¡Sí!".

So, instead of buying something in the market to fix for dinner, we went to a nearby, hole-in-the-wall restaurant.

There are a few tables inside, but most of their business is carry-out.  You can see that Alejandro was second in line, but, soon after we arrived, a long line of customers had formed behind us.

The place is called "Doña Tere Pozolería".  The specialty is "pozole", a pork and hominy soup.  (A number of those waiting carried plastic buckets to be filled with soup.)  However, they serve a number of other traditional Mexican foods, including "pambazos".

A "pambazo" is a bun with a filling of chorizo sausage and diced potatoes.  The bread is then brushed with salsa and grilled.  As a finishing touch, some shredded lettuce and "crema" are added.

We purchased eight "pambazos" and took them home for dinner.  They are definitely a "knife and fork" type of sandwich.  They are also very filling.  I had one and a half "pambazos", and I was stuffed.

Not an especially healthy meal, but so delicious!

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