Monday, April 29, 2024

A Shopping Expedition

Yesterday, Alejandro and I went to Parque Tepeyac, the shopping mall that opened less than two years ago just two Metrobus stops down the road from where his family lives.  Even though the neighborhood is certainly not an upscale part of the city, the mall is very nice with three floors of a wide variety of shops and restaurants.  It appears to be a commercial success.  There are very few vacant spaces, and most of those have signs announcing the opening of more stores in the near future.  The mall is anchored on either end by two major department stores, Liverpool and Sears.  (As I have mentioned before, Sears is alive and well in Mexico, and is an upscale chain owned by Carlos Slim, the richest man in Mexico.) 

Part of the mall's success is undoubtedly the fact that it contains an important local tourist attraction... the largest aquarium in Latin America.  That is still on our list of things to do, but we certainly will not be doing that on a weekend.  The line waiting to buy tickets was very long.  (See can see part of that line in the first picture on the second level.)

However, not everyone was there to see the aquarium.  There were a lot of shoppers because two gift-giving holidays are coming up.  Tomorrow is Children's Day, and May 10th is Mothers' Day.  (Unlike the United States, in Mexico Mothers' Day always falls on the same date.)

"Happy Children's Month!"

And that was the reason for our trip to the mall.  Even though our nephew Ezra is no longer a child (he is now an adolescent), we wanted to get something for him.  We found a shirt at one of the many clothing stores.  Later, we were browsing in a bookstore, and I found a Spanish translation of the classic children's book, "The Secret Garden".  I wasn't sure if it would be something too childish for him, but Alejandro said that Ezra loved the movie.  So, I bought that.  At one of the department stores we purchased a perfume gift set for his sister for Mothers' Day.  So, we have our shopping done for the two upcoming special days.  

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