Monday, April 1, 2024

A Double Celebration

As I mentioned previously, Sunday was a double celebration for us.  In addition to being Easter, it was also the birthday of Alejandro's sister, Sandra.

In the morning Alejandro turned on a recording of the traditional Mexican birthday song "Las Mañanitas" which was loud enough to wake her if she was not already awake.  Our breakfast included the birthday cake which we had bought the night before.  

In spite of our best efforts to transport the cake from the bakery to the house, it was slightly smashed.  Although it did not look perfect, it was very tasty... flavored with "rompope", the Mexican version of eggnog.

After breakfast, Alejandro's nephew Ezra had his Easter egg hunt.  The night before, I hid 36 candy-filled, plastic eggs throughout the house.  As usually happens, I forgot where I hid them all.  Ezra found 35 of the eggs, but neither one of us knows where the last egg is.  A few months from now, someone will probably find it.

Later that afternoon, we all got into the car and went out for dinner.  We drove back to the neighborhood where the apartment is and ate at a restaurant where Alejandro and I often eat.  "Boludo" is a grill that serves a variety of Argentinian and Mexican dishes.  I brought my camera with me, but I completely forgot to take any photos of our delicious dinner.  I think that the cook, who recognizes Alejandro and me, served us even bigger portions than usual.  We went away very satisfied and very full.

It was a nice day spent with my Mexican family.

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