Monday, April 15, 2024

More International Dining

As I mentioned previously, I am now staying with Katie, a former teaching colleague, her husband Olivier, and their son Christian.

On Saturday night, after our visit to the zoo, they took me out to a Japanese hibachi grill.  It was my first experience at that sort of restaurant.  We were seated around a large metal grill, and we watched the chef prepare the food... the grilled vegetables, the fried rice, and our selections of meat.  It was quite a show, and the meal was very good.


Last night I treated them to dinner at a Spanish tapas restaurant not far from their house.  It was an excellent choice.  The food was superb.  My gazpacho was very authentic, and all the tapas that I ordered were very good.  In fact, the ham croquettes were the best I have ever had... even better than what I have had in Spain.

Later today, I will leave their home and spend the last few nights at the Red Roof Inn.  I will definitely need to go on a diet when I return home to Mexico City!


  1. What was the name of the tapas restaurant?

    1. It's called Sangria y Tapas, and it's located on Detroit Road in Westlake. Rather expensive, but very good.