Sunday, March 5, 2023

Rain Instead of Snow

I was not around to experience most of winter this year in Ohio.  However, there was not much winter to experience.  During the entire time that I was down in Mexico, my friend Frank who housesits for me only had to use the snowblower once.  There were numerous days in which the high temperature was in the 40s, 50s, or even in a few instances the 60s F.  Instead of snow, it frequently rained, and when we have heavy rain, the back yards usually flood.

On the day that I returned, the high temperature had been a balmy 61 degrees.  Last Friday it started raining lightly in the late morning, and continued throughout the afternoon, becoming heavier as the day progressed.  By evening had lakes in the front and the back yards along my street.  Much of the water had receded by the next day, but yesterday my neighbor still had a lake... and it is still there this morning.

 It's fortunate that all that precipitation was not snow, or we would have been buried!

The long-range forecast calls for the possibility of some snow later in the coming week.  But since the high temperature each day is going to be above freezing, I doubt that there will be any accumulation at all.

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