Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Covered in White

Yesterday I told you that it was snowing here in northern Ohio, and that it was starting to stick to the ground.  The forecast said that we could get up to three inches of snow.  Given the number of times that the weather forecasters have been wrong, I was skeptical.  However, last night I heard a sound I had not heard since last December... a snowplow going down the street.

This morning I woke up to find the ground covered in white.  

The table on the patio is my usual gauge for judging how much snow we have received.  It appears that we did indeed receive the predicted three inches, maybe even a bit more.  The street is perfectly clear, however, and I doubt that there is more than an inch on my driveway.  The pavement must have been warmer than the ground, because yesterday afternoon the snow was melting rather than accumulating.  There is no need for me to get out the snowblower.  

I continue to keep my fingers crossed that this will be the last time I see the ground covered with snow this season.  Hey, if my plans to move to Mexico proceed in a timely manner, it could be the last snow I see in a long, long time!

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