Saturday, March 18, 2023


Last weekend, when Alejandro called me on Skype, I was surprised to see that he was in the kitchen.  He had his cellphone propped up on the counter while he was preparing something.  Even though it is something most associated with Christmas, Alejandro had decided to make "buñuelos".  "Buñuelos" are a type of sweet fritter that are common throughout the Spanish-speaking world.  They vary in shape in different countries, but in Mexico they are flat, deep-fried discs made with a dough that contains flour, baking powder, sugar, butter, vanilla and water.  I don't know what inspired Alejandro to make "buñuelos" that evening... perhaps a sense of nostalgia, since they are something he and his mother used to make.  He was just going to make a small batch, but he and his mom would work late into the night making an enormous quantity of the fritters.

We chatted while he prepared the dough.  I took a couple of photos on Skype while he worked.  (I was glad to see that he had taken off his wedding ring.  I wouldn't want the ring to slide off into the "buñuelo" dough!)

Finally, the dough was the right consistency.  It then had to be allowed to rest in a bowl.

Shortly after that, we ended our conversation.  Later he sent me a couple more photos that he had taken.

The dough is rolled out into thin circles.

The circles are then deep-fried.

The "buñuelos" are often dusted with sugar or served with syrup.

Maybe someday, after I have moved to Mexico, the two of us can make "buñuelos" for Christmas.

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