Sunday, March 26, 2023

Easter's on its Way

Most years my April trip to Mexico coincides with Easter, and we have an Easter egg hunt for Alejandro's nephew Ezra.  Ezra is now approaching adolescence, and I wasn't sure if he would think it too childish.  However, he has always enjoyed the egg hunt in the past, and Alejandro said to go ahead and bring the plastic eggs, the basket and the candy.  At one of our local supermarkets, I have always found unique Easter baskets.  The baskets this year were cute, but rather small.  They wouldn't hold that many eggs, so I bought two.  I also bought a pair of bunny ears.  If Ezra doesn't want to wear them, I will.

Alejandro said not to bring so much candy, so I only bought one bag of wrapped mini-chocolate bars.  I will put chocolates in half the eggs.  In the other half I will put foreign coins that I have accumulated through the years on my travels.  Some of them are Mexican coins that are now out of circulation.

So, once again, in Alejandro's house we will celebrate Easter in a "gringo" fashion!

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