Tuesday, May 31, 2022

What Did YOU Do Over Memorial Day Weekend?

Well, if you have been following this blog, you could make a pretty safe bet as to what I did over the holiday weekend.  The weather was dry, so I was in the garden working around six hours each day.

In spite of the long hours I spent, I did not make as much progress as I had hoped.  I came to the long perennial bed along the border of my property.  There are a lot of ostrich ferns here... too many ostrich ferns!  They multiply like rabbits.  So, I spent a good deal of time transplanting ferns that were encroaching upon the other perennials.  I have been planting those ferns behind the storage shed, but I had to enlarge that bed for the new transplants.

I also finished planting the annuals that I bought at the garden center.  Those that were not put in the flower box or in hanging baskets are all in pots.  I still have to clean off the patios, so the final placement of the flowerpots remains to be done.

Memorial Day is traditionally the time here in Ohio when the danger of frost has passed.  So, I also took many of the houseplants out on the patios.  Several of them need to be repotted.  I had a pot that was the suitable size for my jade plant, but for the other plants I will need to return to the garden center and buy more pots.

The forecast calls for hot and dry weather today, so I will be working once again in the garden.

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