Thursday, May 19, 2022

Flower Shopping

Even though my beds are filled with perennials, I still have hanging baskets, flowerpots, and the large flower box to fill with annuals every year. 

Yesterday the weather felt very British... chilly and drizzling all day long.  The high temperature only reached 61 F.  It was certainly not a pleasant day for gardening, so I went to a couple of nearby garden centers and bought my annuals.

Here are my purchases, sitting on the table and chairs, and on the patio.  Behind those there are a couple more flats on top of the flower box.  Not in the photo are the shade-loving flowers that are sitting under a tree.

As you can see from the picture, which I took just a half hour ago, this morning is still dreary.  However, according to the forecast, in a couple of hours the clouds will break, and the sun will appear.  By this afternoon the temperature will rise to the mid-70s.  After my day off, I shall return to work in the garden.

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