Saturday, May 21, 2022

More Tests

While I was in Mexico last winter, the government announced that free COVID test kits were available for free.  Each household was eligible for two kits.  My friend Frank, who house-sits for me, signed me up for those, and, if I remember correctly, they arrived in the mail before my return home.  Shortly afterwards, the government offered two more free test kits.  I signed up for those, and they arrived more quickly than the first ones.

I now had four kits.  Each kit contains materials for two tests, so that you can double check with a second test a day or two after the first.  I used one of the kits a few days before my departure for Mexico in April.  I used another one a few days ago after attending a fairly large social gathering.  On both occasions I tested negative.  I still had two kits.  I figured that I would use one before my next trip to Mexico in August, and I would still have another one in case I felt that I needed to test myself for any reason.  

Then, I recently read an article on the internet that the government was offering free kits once again.  I signed up, and those arrived at almost lightning speed a couple days ago.

The two orange boxes to the right are the same brand, made in China, that I received in one of the previous shipments.  The box to the left is made in South Korea and contains a total of four tests.  The expiration date on them is for August of this year, which might explain why the government wanted to get rid of them.  

Cases are on the rise once again in the United States, and hardly anyone is wearing masks anymore.  So, I guess I will use my test kits frequently this summer before they expire.  

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