Wednesday, March 31, 2021

A Voluntary Test

I have already written that out of an abundance of caution (perhaps an over abundance) I planned to take a COVID test a week before my departure for Mexico, and then voluntarily quarantine myself at home for the last seven days.  It's not that any of this is required in order to enter Mexico.  All I need to do is fill out a form with a series of questions and present it when I pass through immigration at Mexico City airport.  It has been two weeks now since my second shot, so the vaccine should by now be at maximum effectiveness.  I am doing this to simply be very sure that I am protecting the health of Alejandro and his family.  And since I have no reason to believe that I am infected, the test costs a hefty $139.

I made the appointment on-line for my test a couple days ahead of time.  I was to show up at the drive-through window yesterday afternoon at a pharmacy just a mile from my house.  I did not realize that I was going to administer the test myself.  The pharmacist at the window gave me a plastic package containing the long swab and a vial in which to place the swab.  She led me through the process step by step.  The most difficult part of the process was opening the package.  I then placed the swab up one nostril and then up the other until it met resistance.  I broke the swab in half, unscrewed the vial, put the shortened swab inside, put the vial back in the plastic bag, and deposited it in a drop-box by the window.  That was it.

I have heard that some people find the test very painful.  Others report that it simply feels strange, that it feels as if your brain is being tickled or that it makes your eyes water.  I felt no discomfort whatsoever.

Now I must wait five to seven days for the results.  Hopefully it will be not take the maximum amount of time because then I would receive the results the day before my departure.  My only worry would be if I receive a false positive, because that would throw a monkey wrench into my plans.  But from what I understand, it is the "quick test" that is less accurate and has more false results.

Now I have a week to stay at home, and complete my checklist of things to do before I leave on my trip.   

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