Saturday, October 20, 2018

Mmmm... Tortas!

I am always looking for new places to eat here in Mexico City, even more so since friends of mine will be coming for a visit next week.  On Thursday I returned to the apartment that I rent, and I had lunch at a nearby spot that I had not yet visited... a place called "Tortas Don Beto".   

"Tortas" are certainly not gourmet cuisine, but they are very much a part of everyday eating in Mexico.  They similar to Cuban sandwiches... crusty rolls filled with all sorts of goodies.
At "Don Beto" the waiter brings you a pen and a slip of paper that is printed with their menu.  There is a lot more than just "tortas" on the menu, and I decided to try a couple other things.  I started with "fideo seco"... noodles cooked in tomato sauce and served here with more than a healthy dollop of cheese and a slice of avocado.

It was tasty but I have had better elsewhere.

Next came an order of three small "tacos al pastor", the pork taco that originated in Mexico City.

I have definitely had better elsewhere!

Well, lets see how they do with "tortas"  I ordered their signature "torta" filled with pork, ham, chorizo sausage, tomatoes, cheese, and who knows what else.

This was very tasty (even if it is not the healthiest of meals).  So, "Tortas Don Beto" does know how to make a good "torta".  And the price was very reasonable.  My whole meal, including beverage, was under 200 pesos... less than $10 US.  I would come here again for "tortas", but I would go to a "taquería" for tacos.