Tuesday, October 30, 2018

"Mexicráneos" and "Alebrijes"

On Monday Nancy, Fred and I took a stroll along the Paseo de la Reforma to see two unique seasonal exhibits on display on either side of the boulevard.

The first was the "Mexicráneos" exhibit which consisted of 54 monumental skulls ("cráneos"), each one decorated by a different artist.  This is the second year for the exhibit.

Fred studies a skull which says, "Coffee and death... there is nothing stronger."

A couple of the skulls were done in the style of the Huichol tribe of northwestern Mexico.  The entire design was done in small colored beads.

Along the way there were a couple of places for fun photo opportunities.

Continuing down the boulevard, we came to the nearly 200 "alebrijes" that were in the parade the Saturday before last.  These colorful, bizarre creatures made out of cardboard and papier mache will be on display along the Paseo de la Reforma until after the Day of the Dead.


Nancy and Fred agreed that these displays were unlike anything that they had ever seen before.

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