Oaxaca mural

Oaxaca mural

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Weekend Excursion

I actually wrote this blog entry yesterday so that I could post it quickly early this morning.
I spent Friday night at Alejandro's house because we are going to leave for a Saturday excursion to  the Monarch Butterfly Reserve.
Alejandro's sister, Sandra, signed all of us up for a tour that will depart at 7 A.M.  We will have to leave the house by at least 6:30.  I don't have many details about the excursion.  I have read that, depending upon which part of the reserve we visit, it can be a very strenuous trip which may involve climbing into the mountains on horseback or on foot.  I am rather concerned that it is going to be far too much for their father.  It might be too much for Sandra's eight year old son also.  Heck, I have to wonder if it will be too strenuous for me!
Well, it is something that I have long wanted to see, so I hope that all will go well.
Wish us luck, and stay tuned to find out how it went.


  1. The reserve, Chinqua, that I went to, we rode horses most of the way, but when we got near 10,000 ft, we got off the horses and walked for at least 20 minutes more on volcanic soil which is like walking on silk. It was definitely treacherous and difficult. I did this about ten years ago. No way could I do it today. Hopefully all went well for ya'll.

    1. We went to Piedra Herrada, near Valle del Bravo, which is the most accessible sanctuary from Mexico City. It was perhaps about a 45 minute trek on foot up the mountainside. There were also horses going most of the way, and we pitied those poor animals. Alejandro's dad stayed behind at the entrance... just the walk from the parking lot was enough for him. He waited seated comfortably in the shade. The mass tourism at this site has reached ridiculous levels. It was a circus. I'll write more about it in a future post.