Thursday, February 28, 2019

Biennial of Watercolors

As I mentioned in my last post, there was a special exhibition on display at the National Watercolor Museum in Mexico City.  They were holding their 13th Watercolor Biennial.  This show has grown over the years to now include 200 artists from 29 countries.  It has outgrown the exhibition space, so the Biennial must now be shown in three separate parts.  The final exhibit was going on when I was there.

Here is a sampling of the artwork from all over the world...

"Question of Faith" by Aníbal Oblitas, Peru

"Light" by José Barreiros, Portugal

"Owl" by Roman Kharevsky, Czech Republic

"Return from the Stroll" by Nina Diakova, Russia

"Circus" by Milos Sibinovic, Serbia

"Sunset over the Maldonado Brook" by Roberto Weigel, Uruguay

"Birds in a Tree" by Irving René Lamparero, Panama

"Ballet" by Thu Huowg Nguyen, Vietnam

"They Call Me Chubasco" by Victoria Pareja, Mexico


  1. Amazing. Watercolors are among my favorite method of painting. No, I don't know how to paint with watercolors but certainly do appreciate the artistry.

    The complexity of these are incredible. The fact that they are from world wide adds to the enjoyment! Thanks for sharing.

    1. I have never painted with watercolors either (OK, maybe I did in elementary school). It is a whole different technique of painting from oils or watercolors. The founder of this museum felt that watercolors were underappreciated and wanted a place to showcase them.

  2. That museum, on a residential back street of Coyoacan, is one of my favorite small galleries. The second watercolor featured, by the Portuguese artist, looks like a photo!

    1. It is a really nice little museum. I shall have to visit again in the future.