Friday, January 12, 2018

Shopping and Cooking

Last night Alejandro got a decent night's sleep at home.  This time his sister Sandra had taken the night shift of staying at the hospital with their mother.  He was at home until noon when he left to relieve his sister.  I can tell that the stress is getting to him.  Alejandro never cusses, but I heard the "ch" word come out of his mouth while he was trying to gather together some things to take to the hospital.

First thing this morning we walked his nephew Ezra to school.  Then I fixed us a breakfast of "huevos a la mexicana" (Mexican style eggs).  Then Alejandro needed to buy a bag of dog food and some other things at Sam's Club, and I went along with him.  On the way home we stopped at a locksmith, and Alejandro had copies of the house keys made for me.  Now I can leave the house on my own!

I want to take a bit of the stress off of Alejandro and Sandra by doing some of the cooking for the family.  After Alejandro left for the hospital, I went out to do some grocery shopping.  I walked to a nearby "Comercial Mexicana".

"Precios bajos" - Low Prices

"Comercial Mexicana", a combination supermarket and department store, is one of Mexico's major retailers. I don't think that I have ever been in one before, and I was not impressed.  The interior is like a warehouse, the selection is not very good, and I was unable to find a lot of products that I get at more upscale grocery stores.

I was able to find what I needed for this afternoon's dinner, though.  I was making something that Ezra likes... "chilaquiles".  However, he doesn't like spicy hot food, so I didn't use any "chile" peppers.   I sautéed onions, bell pepper, and garlic... and then added diced tomatoes, tomato puree, shredded chicken, cheese and a bag of "totopos" (unsalted tortilla chips).  It looks like a mess, but it is quite tasty. 

While I was cooking, Sandra came home, and then she and her father went to get Ezra from school.  By the time they returned, dinner was ready to be served.  All three of them said that the "chilaquiles" were very good.  I hope that they weren't just being polite, but that this "gringo" cook had prepared a nice Mexican dinner for them. 

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