Oaxaca mural

Oaxaca mural

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Children of the Corn

After spending the night at the condo in the Nápoles neighborhood, I ventured out to have breakfast this morning at a nearby restaurant called "Hijos del Maíz" (Children of the Corn).  I have no idea if it was named, tongue in cheek, after the Stephen King horror story or not.

"Hijos del Maíz" is a chain of small, unpretentious restaurants that specialize in "chilaquiles", a typical Mexican dish that can be served for breakfast or dinner.  There are numerous variations of the dish, but the indispensable ingredient is "totopos", the fried pieces of corn tortillas that are the original version of our tortilla chips.  "Chilaquiles" are a common way of using up left-over tortillas.

The menu offers a variety of different kinds of "chilquiles", and I ordered the "cochinita pibil".. the Yucatan peninsula's version of pulled pork.  It was a tasty breakfast, and I will probably return to try some of their other variations.

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