Saturday, January 20, 2018

In Quarantine

I felt it coming on yesterday... the first signs of a cold.  This morning I was certain.  It's not a bad cold, and I have no fever, so it is not the flu.  Nevertheless, I didn't want Alejandro and his family to catch it, so I decided to go to the apartment for the weekend.  

This morning I packed a few things that I needed, and took the Metrobus to the condo.  The bus from Alejandro's house was not crowded and I had a seat.  However, when I transferred to the line going down Insurgentes Avenue the bus was jammed.  That surprised me since the stop where I transfer is only the second stop on the Insurgentes line.  

After more than an hour on the buses, I made it to the condo... and I hoped to resolve the problem of getting a key to the new lock on the front door of the building.  The owner of the apartment has been emailing the building administrator, insisting that I should be given a key.  The administrator finally responded and said that the doorman would give me the key the next time I come to the building.

I entered as I did before, using the garage door opener that I have been carrying with me.  I went to the doorman and asked him for the key.  He said that he wasn't authorized to give it me.  I told him to call the administrator.  He did, and I now finally have a key!  I do not care much for this new doorman.  I don't plan on bringing him coffee and donuts the way I did with the previous doorman!

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