Oaxaca mural

Oaxaca mural

Monday, January 22, 2018

Out for a Walk

Yesterday afternoon I took a long walk, mostly through the adjoining neighborhood of Colonia del Valle, which is on the other side of Insurgentes Avenue.

I was struck by how empty the streets were on a Sunday afternoon.

I thought to myself that if traffic in Mexico City were like this all the time, I would have no qualms about driving here.  Of course, I am sure that by this time the highways leading into the city were bumper to bumper with people returning from weekend excursions.

Here are some pictures of interesting architecture.  These buildings probably date from the first half of the twentieth century when neo-colonial and art deco architecture were all the rage.

This art deco building now houses an ice cream shop.

I am no expert on architecture, but I would say that this building, built in 1931, mixes art deco with some neo-colonial decoration (such as the gargoyle-like water spouts).

I mentioned a while ago that small trees and shrubs along the sidewalks are often sculpted into geometric shapes.

The weather was warm, and I had to take off the jacket that I was wearing.  I hope that that is a portent that the cold wave is over.

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