Sunday, January 14, 2018

Hace frío

"Hace frío"... or for those who don't speak Spanish, "It's cold outside!"
The temperature here in Mexico City is 32 degrees Fahrenheit, 0 degrees Celsius!  The high today is only going to make it up to 63 degrees Fahrenheit.

That's better than the temperature back home in Ohio, but when you don't have central heating 32 degrees really feels cold! 


  1. I just finished reading a story on Animal Político about cold weather warnings. I wanted to leave a comment which said that it was very funny reading about the dangers of 0°C from Boston, and then thought better of it. Still, the official warning sounds dire, and recommends that people cover their noses and mouths when out, and to avoid abrupt temperature changes. I don't know how you avoid the latter unless you either let your house grow as cold as the outside, or you avoid going in and out of buildings. In any case, it was kind of amusing in light of the near 0°F temperatures that places like Cleveland and Boston have suffered of late.

    But I get your point about the heat. When I was living in CDMX in 2016, I frequently used my oven in the mornings to heat the apartment because it was still chilly outside, at least by California and Mexico standards.

    Saludos y mantente cálido,

    Kim G
    Redding, CA
    Where it hit 74°F yesterday.

    1. The difference between outdoors and indoors was not that much this morning. And the house is still cold. Same in the hospital where Alejandro's mom is. Bordering on criminal that they would let their patients suffer in this weather with nothing but a thin blanket.