Monday, January 8, 2018

A Change in Plans

Tomorrow I was scheduled to fly to Morelia, Mexico.  I was going to spend a week sightseeing in Morelia and the nearby town of Pátzcuaro, two places that I have never visited, before heading on to Mexico City.  However, my plans have changed.  I am still leaving for Mexico tomorrow, but I will go directly to Mexico City.

I have no immediate family, but I have been fortunate to have many other "families".  I have my distant cousins that I have discovered through my genealogical research, I have former colleagues from my teaching days who remain close friends, and I have my "family" in Mexico City.  

On this blog I have mentioned many times my friend Alejandro and his family.  They themselves have told me that they consider me a part of their family, and they are as dear to me as if they were related by blood.  Through the years I have been welcomed into their home and have shared celebrations and events with them.

Alejandro's mother, who celebrated her eightieth last year, has been in poor health with kidney disease for some time.  This past weekend, Alejandro took her to the emergency room.  Given her age and poor health, the doctor said that putting her on dialysis would simply be torture and buy her only a little additional time.  It would be better, he said, to keep her comfortable and allow her to pass away peacefully.  The end could come at any time.

I am not ashamed to admit that I have shed tears.  She is a sweet, kind, loving woman.  Although the age difference is not quite enough for us to be "mother and son", I do think of her as my "Mexican mom".

So it is that I have canceled my sightseeing plans.  Morelia and Pátzcuaro will be still be there for a trip at another time.  Right now I need to be with my family.


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