city at night

city at night

Thursday, November 30, 2023

Is That All There Is?

I had read online that this week there was going to be a "Poinsettia Fair" in Iztacalco.  Iztacalco is the smallest of Mexico City's "alcaldías" (boroughs).  According to the article, the fair was to be held for four days in front of the borough's government offices.  It would feature more than 100 local flower growers selling a wide variety of poinsettias.  When I checked on Google Maps and saw that the borough offices are located by a stop on Line 2 of the Metrobus... a line that runs just a couple of blocks from my apartment... I decided yesterday to check out the event.

Around 11 o'clock in the morning, I got on the Metrobus.  After a half hour ride, I arrived at Iztacalco.

On the large plaza in front of the borough offices, there was one tent set up with poinsettias for sale.  There was only one variety, as far as I could see, and the flowers were half sold out.  (This was on the second day of the four-day event.)  What a disappointment!

Next to the poinsettias, there was a larger tent where a few dozen vendors were selling food and miscellaneous merchandise.  Three or four were selling Christmas decorations.

One vendor was selling paintings based on pictures from ancient Mayan codices.

They were hand-painted and only cost 100 pesos (less than 6 U.S. dollars), so I bought one of a jaguar to add to my jaguar collection.  At least I got something out of my trip to Iztacalco. 

I left and headed back to the Metrobus stop.  I spent more time traveling back and forth than I did at this sad excuse for a fair. 

I have since read that there is going to be a two week "Festival of Poinsettias" along the Paseo de la Reforma.  I have a feeling that the flower growers decided that would be a much more lucrative event. 


  1. I always go to things like that with no expectations. And, then if it doesn't pan out I consider it an "adventure". The time and cost to set up a booth is very costly for the vendors........when we have Candelaria here in February about 50 vendors come from all over Mexico and they sleep under their tables or in their trucks because they can't afford a room. it breaks my heart each and every year. It is COLD here in SMA in February........

    1. Fortunately, I think that all of these vendors were locals from Mexico City or its surroundings.
      By the way, have you received your Christmas card yet?