city at night

city at night

Tuesday, November 28, 2023

The Market at Christmas

Once Revolution Day and the "Buen Fin" have passed, it is time to think about decorating for Christmas.  In all the public markets, stalls selling Christmas decorations appear.  I had already made a trip to the market in nearby Colonia del Valle and bought a few things.  On Friday I took the subway and made a quick trip to Jamaica Market, which is always very festive during this season.

There is one enormous stall adjacent to the main market building which is filled with nothing but piñatas at this time of year.

Some of the piñatas are gigantic, bigger than I am.

There are loads of piñatas in the shape of animals and cartoon characters.


"Bolo" is the mascot of the annual Christmas parade held by the Liverpool Department Stores.

I couldn't resist buying one of these miniature piñatas that are strictly decorative.

Cut Christmas trees are for sale, although I wonder how, when it's not yet December, they last through the entire Christmas season.

The Jamaica Market's large flower section is dominated this time of year by thousands of poinsettia plants.


The stalls around the perimeter of the market building are devoted to Christmas decorations.  I always like to check out the Nativity scene figures.  As I have explained in years past, Nativity scenes in Mexico are often elaborate affairs that include the whole town of Bethlehem and all its villagers and animals.  

I collect the traditional clay figures that are made in the state of Jalisco.  I purchased a few more to add to my collection.  Soon I will have everything I need to set up my own Nativity scene.

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