Monday, June 19, 2023

Father's Day

Just as in the United States, yesterday was Father's Day.

Before breakfast, Alejandro and I drove some distance to a bakery that we really like in order to buy a cake for his father.  We were looking for a very unique cake that we have purchased there before for birthdays... baklava cake.  The bakery was very busy (apparently it is normal to buy a cake for Father's Day).  Fortunately, there was one baklava cake left.

It's actually a cheesecake covered with slices of baklava.  Of course, baklava is not Mexican, and the bakery where we bought it is the only place where we have seen anything resembling the Middle Eastern pastry.  Alejandro is familiar with baklava because on one of his trips to Ohio he tasted it at Cleveland's West Side Market.

Here, Pedro, Alejandro's father, poses with his cake, although it was not necessary to cut.  The cake was already divided into individual slices.

Since Pedro is now officially my father-in-law, I wanted to give him a small present for Father's Day.  Before I left Ohio, I bought him an official tee-shirt of the Cleveland Guardians (the new name of Cleveland's baseball team).

I hope that all my readers had a good Father's Day!

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