Friday, June 2, 2023

A Small Market

I have written several times about the "tianguis" of Mexico City, the outdoor markets which are held once a week on streets throughout the city.  Just around the corner from my apartment, every Sunday the street is closed to traffic and a large "tianguis" stretches for several blocks.  Several blocks from Alejandro's house there is an even bigger "tianguis" every Saturday. 

On Wednesdays, one block from Alejandro's house, there is a much smaller street market.  On a couple of occasions, I have made a quick visit to the Wednesday "tianguis" with Alejandro when he needed to buy some fruits or vegetables.  But a few days ago, I went out for a walk, and I passed through the two blocks that make up this small market.

Quite honestly, it's a very pathetic "tianguis".  Many of the vendors don't even have a stand.  They just spread out a cloth on the street and lay out their merchandise.  And much of the merchandise looks as if the vendor cleared out unwanted junk and used clothing and shoes from home.

There are, of course, several stands selling fresh produce.  The fruits and vegetables looked good although there is not the variety to be seen in larger "tianguis".

This fellow was frying up "chicharrón" (pork rinds) in a large vat of oil.  He gladly posed for a photo.

A little flower shop on wheels

From there I continued my walk through the neighborhood and found more things to photograph for the blog.

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