Saturday, June 17, 2023

Art in Progress

I have posted many photos of street art in Mexico City, but I have never before seen a mural that was a work in progress.  This past week, driving in Alejandro's car past the parish church in San Juan de Aragón, I noticed a painting that was in the middle of completion.  A couple days ago, I braved the heat and blazing sun, and took a walk to get some photos of the unfinished art.

There were some paintings on this wall previously, but, as I remember, they were not especially impressive, nor were they in very good condition.

Most of the figures on the mural are still rough outlines, but it is clear that the painting will depict the famous "Cinco de Mayo" Battle of Puebla in which the Mexican forces held back the far superior army of the invading French.  It is an appropriate theme, since, as I have written a number of times before, this neighborhood is well-known for its yearly reenactment of the battle.

I will be watching the progress on this mural.  However, I have not seen anyone working on it, probably a wise decision during this heat wave.

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