Sunday, June 4, 2023

Breakfast "Tortas"

On Saturday morning, before breakfast, Alejandro and I walked to a nearby "panadería" (bakery) and bought some "pan dulce" (pastries) and some "teleras", a kind of large roll.  The bakery also had a few grocery items in stock, so he also picked up a can of sliced jalapeños.  At the corner of his street there is a fruit and vegetable stand.  I bought a few avocados.

When we got home, Alejandro prepared "tortas" for breakfast.  I have written about "tortas" before.  They are tasty Mexican sandwiches on crusty rolls.  There are all different kinds of "tortas"; ours were going to have eggs.

Alejandro split the "teleras" and spread mayonaise on one half.  He then placed sliced avocado on the roll.

Next came some eggs which he had scrambled.  On top of that he crumbled some cheese.  He had some cheese made by some relatives that have a farm in the state of Chiapas.  It is a rather strong, pungent cheese, not something that I would snack on by itself.  However, it is very tasty in "quesadillas" or "tortas".

I added several slices of jalapeño peppers to give it some zip.

A very tasty breakfast!  I continue eat very well... TOO well down here!

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