Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Breakfast at "El Cardenal"

On Monday I spent the day with my former student Megan and her husband John.  That morning I took the Metrobus from Alejandro's house to the Airbnb where they are staying, a journey of more than an hour.  From there we went to the neighborhood where my apartment is located to have breakfast at another one of my favorite restaurants, El Cardenal.  The place is exceptionally popular for their breakfasts, and on weekends there is long wait for seating.  However, on a Monday morning we were seated immediately at an outdoor table.

John ordered an omelet with strips of poblano peppers, and Megan and I both had an omelet with "huazontle".

"Huazontle" is sometimes nicknamed Aztec broccoli.  Although it does somewhat resemble broccoli, the two vegetables are not related. 

(photo taken by Megan)

"Huazontle" has been cultivated in Mexico since pre-Hispanic times.  It is resistant to cold and drought and grows well even in poor soils.  It is rich in minerals and vitamins, and in Aztec times it was one of the most important crops.  Today, however, "huazontle" and other pre-Hispanic vegetables are in danger of disappearing due to the fact that they are no longer used as much in modern cooking.  So, I guess Megan and I were doing our small part to ensure the continued cultivation of "huazontle".  Along with our omelet, there was something whose name I have forgotten.  It was a small cake make of tender corn.

Our breakfast was very good, and we were well fueled for the day's explorations.  We headed down Insurgentes Avenue.  The temperature was still relatively comfortable, so we walked about twenty minutes to the subway station.  

I have mentioned before that almost all of the streets in that neighborhood are named after states and cities in the United States.  When we came to Ohio Street, Megan and I, native-born Ohioans, had to pose for photos under the street sign.

(photo taken by John)

On Mondays, most of the museums in Mexico City are closed.  However, I was going to take them to one of my favorite places in the city, a place that is open 24 hours a day, every day of the week.


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    1. (Whoops! Got a little trigger happy on the Post button. Hehe!) The suspense is killing me. Can't wait to see where you all go!

  2. Patience. You will find out in tomorrow's post. :-)