Wednesday, May 31, 2023


I really should have taken a photo of yesterday afternoon's dinner at Alejandro's house, my first meal on this trip to Mexico.  It was very simple but so delicious.  Alejandro prepared chicken "tinga", which is simply a mixture of shredded chicken, onions, chipotle peppers and tomatoes.  In this case he didn't have any fresh tomatoes and he didn't want to make a trip to the market.  So, he did something a neighbor had once told him, and he added some catsup.  It gave it a slightly sweeter, different but interesting flavor.

We used the "tinga" to made "tostadas"... crisp tortillas with a topping.  We smeared "crema" (similar to sour cream) on the tortilla, spooned on some "tinga" and then some salsa.  The "tostadas" were so tasty!  I lost track of how many I had.

For dessert Sandra, Alejandro's sister, fried up some plantains (called "plátanos machos" in Mexico) and we drizzled on some more "crema" and some sweetened condensed milk.  Yummy.

I think in that one meal I gained back the few pounds that I had lost while I was back in Ohio. 

P.S.  We had leftover "tinga" for breakfast this morning.  However, this time we put the "tinga" on top of a "huarache".  A "huarache" is made from corn meal dough mixed with beans, and then flattened into an oblong shape.  " Huarache" is the Mexican word for sandal, and it gets its name from its shape, somewhat resembling a sandal.

Once again we smeared "crema: across the "huarache" and then spooned on some "tinga".  Alejandro added a slice of cheese and melted it in the microwave.  And of course, a few dollops of salsa to add a little spice.  Delicious!

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