city at night

city at night

Wednesday, May 17, 2023

A Stack of Vinyl

Over the course of the last year, I have been cleaning out the house in anticipation of moving.  One thing that I found was a stack of vinyl records from back in the day when I had a stereo console in the living room.  Some of these albums are more than fifty years old.  I even have the records that my high school band recorded.  I know that vinyl records are making a comeback, so I set them aside thinking that I might be able to sell them.

My listening tastes were not normal for my generation.  While other people my age were listening to the Beatles and other rock groups, I was listening to classical music.  I also had a selection of Mexican and Spanish music and a few movie soundtracks as well.

Yesterday, I was searching for a store that buys vinyl records, and I found a place not too far from me.  I went there with two bags full of albums.  As soon as I walked in, I got the vibe that they wouldn't be interested in my old-fogey records.  They said that they would look through them and that I should come back in an hour.  I ran some errands and returned.  They said that they didn't want any of them.  So, I hauled the two bags home.

There are some other places that buy records, but I don't feel like traveling all over town just to be told they aren't interested.  I know I could probably put them on eBay but, preparing for my move I have too much to do to bother with that.  There is a turntable in the apartment that I am going to buy.  I'll ask the owner if it still works, and, if so, I might select some of my favorites, and take them down to Mexico.

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