Friday, May 12, 2023

A Funny Sign

While Alejandro and I were walking around the neighborhood of Colonia del Valle on my last trip, I saw this sign which caught my attention and made me chuckle.

The caption says, "If he can't do it, do it yourself."   Actually, in more affluent areas such as Colonia del Valle or Nápoles where I rent a condo, dog poop on the sidewalks is not a big problem.  Most dog owners are responsible and clean up after their pets.  However, in working class neighborhoods such as the one where Alejandro lives, there are a lot of street dogs. There you do need to watch where you are stepping. 

What is ironic though, is that the condition of the sidewalks in Alejandro's neighborhood is much better than in some trendy districts such as Condesa and Roma.  There, a combination of soil subsidence, earthquake activity, and tree roots have left the sidewalks uneven, broken, and with gaping holes.  So, no matter in which part of Mexico City you are walking, watch your step!


  1. Hey, it's Scott.

    That's a funny sign. I saw one in Roma Sur that targets the expats and shows an exaggerated drawing of a dog lifting its leg and another of a dog squatting. Below, written in English, it says, simply, "No poop or pee."

    1. Well, a responsible pet owner carries a baggie to pick up the poop, but how are you going to keep a dog from peeing?!

    2. Doggie Depends?