Oaxaca mural

Oaxaca mural

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Reporting Live from Mexico City

I am writing this from the apartment that I have rented for two weeks in Mexico City.  Although right now it looks as if it could rain, earlier it was sunny with a temperature of 79 F.  From the window of my living room I can look out and see the jacaranda trees in bloom.

I am happy to be in Mexico again, but I must say that the trip is not off to an auspicious start.  The flights went very smoothly.  On the plane to Mexico City I received a complimentary upgrade to Economy Plus (more leg room).  I was the only person in my section of three seats, so it was a very comfortable flight.  

However, when I got into Mexico City Airport, the line to go through immigration was the longest and slowest that I have ever seen.  I spent 50 minutes in line!  Then, just ahead of me, a family of four had not filled out their tourist card correctly, so that took another five to ten minutes.  

After going through immigration, you go to the baggage claim, pick up your luggage, and go through customs.  You press a button  at customs which either gives you a green light to proceed, or a red light which means that your luggage is inspected.  Ninety percent of the time you get a green light, but, wouldn't you know, today I got a red light.  My suitcases were inspected... and of course the box of fudge that I had made for Alejandro's birthday was opened.  I must say that the inspectors were pleasant... and didn't say anything about the box of fudge. 

Poor Alejandro had been waiting for me all that time.  He drove me to my apartment, and then went back to the office.  I unpacked my bags, and then walked three blocks to the nearby Sumesa supermarket to pick up some groceries.  I bought more than I should have, and carrying the bags those three short blocks was agony.  (I definitely had my weight training today.)  What was worse was that one of the thin plastic bags broke, and a bottle of salsa smashed against the sidewalk.  There were nothing I could do but to keep trudging along until I finally made to the apartment  building.  The doorman was very nice and helped me with the bags to the elevator.

Hopefully tomorrow will be hassle-free!


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