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Paraphrasing Picasso

The art exhibit which I visited at the "Colegio San Ildefonso" last week was entitled "Paraphrasing Picasso".  The show displays the continuing legacy of the Spanish artist with the works of 52 contemporary artists that draw their inspiration from Picasso.

"Blue Nude"
by Tomás Gómez Robledo

by René Freire

"Deconstructing Picasso"
by Octavio Moctzuma

"Me at the Mirror After Picasso"
by Claudia Doring Baez

"Woman with a Straw Hat and Two Dogs"
by Javier Guadarrama

Some of the paintings were based on specific Picasso works that I recognized.

This painting by Diego Rodarte is based on an early (pre-cubist) self portrait of Picasso.  The title, "Rose on Blue" is a reference to Picasso's "Blue Period" and "Rose Period".

by Brian Nissen

This painting is inspired by the large Picasso sculpture in Chicago.

"Guitar, Marimba and Chirimía"
by Tinku

I recognized this one as being based on Picasso's "The Three Musicians".
(A "chirimía" is an oboe-like instrument used by indigenous tribes in Mexico.)

Picasso's painting "Les Demoiselles d'Avignon" was the controversial work which led into the artist's cubist period.  It portrays five prostitutes in a brothel.

Here we have "The Little Judges of Avignon" by Rafael Barajas.

Arguably Picasso's most famous work is "Guérnica" which portrays the bombing of a town in northern Spain during the Spanish Civil War.

In "Guérnica - Ciudad Juárez" by Gustavo Monroy, the tragedy of Guénica is compared to the murder-plagued Mexican border town.

The exhibit runs through June 30th.

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