Saturday, June 22, 2024

A Recycled Factory

A couple weeks ago I visited a place which I had read about on TripAdvisor.  It is called "Ex Fábrica" (Ex-Factory).

The place is an abandoned flour factory which now bills itself as a museum of street art.

There are some very interesting murals, but there is also a lot of ugly graffiti which, I'm sorry, I do not classify as art. 

The passageway is lined with shops and restaurants.  At noon, most of the shops were not open.  The restaurants just sold pizza, hot dogs, and hamburgers.

I suspect that in the evening the place is livelier with a young, hipster crowd.  However, the neighborhood is not someplace where I would want to be at night.

I thought that the name of this candy shop was clever... "Dulce Caries" (Sweet Cavities).

I had to use the restroom, and that place was downright scary.  It was completely covered in graffiti, and there was the scent of someone smoking pot.

It was an interesting place to see, but I would not return there.


  1. Thanks for sharing. Where is this at?


    1. Do you know where Parque Bicentenario is? I got off at the "Refineria" Metro stop and headed south past the park a short distance. It's on a street called Primavera.