Oaxaca mural

Oaxaca mural

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Sunday Afternoon in Puebla

After watching the folk dancing on the main plaza of Puebla, Alejandro and I did a bit of exploration in the colonial center of this historic city.  A couple years ago I wrote a post about Puebla, but here are some more pictures.

The other day I showed you Puebla's main plaza, the Zócalo, by night.  Here are some pictures of it on a sunny, Sunday afternoon...

Puebla's city hall

Puebla's Cathedral has the tallest bell towers in Mexico.

A balloon vendor on the plaza

Some random shots of the beautiful architecture which has earned Puebla's historic center the status of a UNESCO World Heritage Site...

Puebla is famous for its candies.  In fact there is a whole street which is mostly candy shops.  "Camotes" are the best known of Puebla's sweets.  These cigar-shaped candies are made from sweet potatoes.

Puebla is also famous for its ceramics.  In colonial times, potters from the Spanish town of Talavera settled in Puebla and brought the art of creating painted glazed pottery.

This complete set of gorgeous Talavera dinnerware can be yours for around $1000 US.  I was content with just buying one decorative plate.

Of the many colonial churches in the city, the one which is a "must see" for the visitor to Puebla is the Church of Santo Domingo.

The interior of the church is quite beautiful...

...but the real attraction is one of its side chapels, the Rosary Chapel.  Every inch of space is covered with ornate decoration.

I have posted pictures of this chapel before, but here are some more details from this masterpiece of Baroque architecture.

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