Cascade Park

Cascade Park

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Chilaquiles for Breakfast

I had noticed a new restaurant just a few minutes away from the apartment on Insurgentes Avenue.  It was a tiny place called "Hijos del Maíz" (Sons of the Corn).

Their specialty is "chilaquiles", a traditional Mexican dish made with fried tortilla quarters with sauce and other ingredients.  It is a popular dish for breakfast.  The menu featured a variety of different kinds of "chilaquiles".

Alejandro and I went there for breakfast on Sunday morning.  He ordered "chilaquiles" with shredded "pollo pibil" (a chicken dish from the Yucatán), and I had "chilaquiles" with a black bean sauce, radishes and sliced avocado.


Our breakfasts were very good, but the service is very slow (at least it was that Sunday morning).   In fact the family seated at the table next to us got up and left because no one had taken their order. The restaurant needs more staff.  Every table in this little hole-in-the-wall was filled.  Plus there were people coming in for carry-out.  Plus there was a constant flow of "Uber Eats" fellows arriving on their bicycles to make home deliveries.  (This was the first time I had heard of "Uber Eats".)  So while I would recommend this place for the food, don't come here expecting to have a quick meal.

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