Cascade Park

Cascade Park

Friday, November 4, 2016

Something Different for Lunch

Some  time ago I wrote about  a Colombian restaurant back home in the Cleveland area.  The food is very good, and I have eaten there a number of times.

The apartment where I am staying in Mexico City is just a short walk from the neighborhood of Roma.  There, along Medellín Avenue, is the heart of the city's Colombian community.  Yesterday I decided to explore the area to find someplace different for lunch.  I passed several Colombian restaurants and then, just across the street from the Medellín Market, I came to a place called "Los Caribeños" which specializes in South American food.

Seated at a table near the entrance was the lady who owns the restaurant.  She greeted me, and I asked to see a menu.  I did not know what most of the items were, and she answered my questions about the food.  The menu seemed interesting, so I took a seat at the table next to where she was sitting. 

She recommended the "sancocho", a soup that is typical of Colombia and Venezuela, as well as the Caribbean islands.
The tasty broth contains vegetables, cassava, a large dumpling, an ear of corn and a piece of chicken.  It was really very delicious.

I also ordered an "arepa" which is a type of flatbread made from corn meal.  It too is a staple of Colombian and Venezuelan cooking.  The "arepa" can be served plain or it can be stuffed with various ingredients.  I had an "arepa" stuffed with cheese.

I had already started my "arepa" when the waiter brought out a bowl of mayonnaise with chopped tomatoes.  It was an excellent topping for the "arepa".

The food was great, but the whole experience was even more memorable because of the owner who chatted with me throughout my meal.

She is a delightful lady who was born in Haiti and who has lived in Mexico City for over twenty years.  Her restaurant has been in operation for eight months.  

I will definitely return here for lunch.  There are other items on the menu that I want to try.  Perhaps Alejandro and I can come here one evening for supper.

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